Office Furniture Bookcases

At USA Furniture and Leather Your Amish Connection, we carry solid wood, American made, office furniture. We have bookcases in a variety of styles, woods, finishes, and sizes. At our Portland or Tigard, Oregon location, one of our furniture design professionals can show you the features and benefits of high-quality Amish and American made furniture. No matter the style you are looking for, we can help you find the office furniture of your dreams!

Office Bookcases

Rustic Pine Bookcase With Doors & Slab Front
Aspen Coffee Table
Aspen Coffee Table
Aspen Coffee Table With Shelf
Red Cedar Coffee Table With Shelf
Red Cedar Curio Cabinet With Slab Front
Mission Bookshelf
Prarie Mission Bookshelf
Prarie Mission Bookshelf with Back
Double Door Tall Bookcase
Single Door Tall Bookcase
Fifth Avenue Bookcase
Traditional Bookcase
Lincoln Bookcase
Lexington Bookcases
JD’s Bookcase
Millennium Bookcase with Live Edges
Euro Bookcase
Arts & Crafts Bookcase (1 drawer, 2 doors, 4 shelves)
Arts & Crafts 2 Door Bookcase (2 drawer, 6 shelves)
Arts & Crafts Bookcase (2 doors, 3 shelves)
Traditional 6 Shelf Bookcase
Traditional 5 Shelf Bookcase
Traditional 4 Shelf Bookcase
Traditional 3 Shelf Bookcase
Regent Bookcase (5 Adjustable Shelves)
Regent Bookcase (4 Adjustable Shelves)
Regent Bookcase (3 Adjustable Shelves)
Regent Bookcase (2 Adjustable Shelves)
Regent Bookcase (1 Adjustable Shelf)
Lynndale Bookcase
Grant Bookcase
Carriage 3 Shelf Bookcase
Carriage 2 Shelf Bookcase
Bridger 3 Shelf Bookcase
Bridger Bookcases
Bel Aire 2 Door Bookcase
Arts & Crafts Split Double Bookcase
Arts & Crafts Double Bookcase
Arts & Crafts Slat Bookcase
Harper 3 Shelf Bookcase
Harper 4 Shelf Bookcase
Landmark Bookcase
McCoy Bookcase (Amber Water Glass)
McCoy Bookcase (Clear Water Glass)
McCoy Open Bookcase
Morgan Bookcase
Mesa 4 Foot Open Bookcase
Mesa 6 Foot Open Bookcase
Springhill Bookcase
Caledonia Bookcases
Century 3 Shelf Bookcase
Century 4 Shelf Bookcase
Century 2 Door Bookcase
Mission Bookcase
Corner Ladder Bookshelf
Self Standing Ladder Bookshelf
Ladder Bookshelf Set
Harmony Bookcase
Kumberlin Bookcase
58 Inch Mission Bookcase with Leaded Glass
58 Inch Mission Bookcase
68 Inch Mission Bookcase
Mission Corner Bookcase
Mission Corner Bookcase with Doors
Noble Mission 48 Inch Bookcase
Noble Mission 72 Inch Bookcase
Noble Mission Secretary Bookcase
Northport Bookcases
Northport 72 Inch Bookcase (Raised Panel)
48 Inch Oak Ridge Bookcase
72 Inch Oak Ridge Bookcase
Traditional Corner Bookcase
Traditional Corner Bookcase with Doors
Classic Mission Bookcase
Granny Mission 48 Inch Bookcase with Enclosed Base
Granny Mission 60 Inch Bookcase
Shaker 36 Inch Bookcase
Shaker 48 Inch Bookcase
Shaker 60 Inch Bookcase
Shaker 72 Inch Bookcase
Baylee Bookcase
Modesto Bookcase
36 Inch Chimney Corner Bookcase
Chimney Corner Bookcases
30 Inch Open Bookcase
42 Inch Open Bookcase
Double Door Bookcases
Stepback Bookshelves
Mission Bookcases
60 Inch Double Door Mission Bookcase Oak
Mission Bookcases Oak
72 Inch Mission Bookcase with 2 Doors
Mission 2 Foot Bookshelf
Mission 2 Foot Bookshelf with Back
Mission 6 Foot Bookshelf with Back
Mission 6 Foot Bookshelf
Mission 3 Foot Bookshelf
Mission 3 Foot Bookshelf with Back
Mission 6 Foot Bookshelf with Back
Mission 6 Foot Bookshelf
Mission Bookcase Console
Mission Bookcase
Mission Bookcase with Drawer
Craftsmen Bookcase
Craftsmen 2 Foot Bookcase
Craftsmen 3 Foot Bookcase
Shaker Bookcase
Crossway 2 Foot Bookcase
Crossway 3 Foot Bookcase
Open Bookcase with Drawer
Monarch 2 Foot Bookcase
Monarch 3 Foot Bookcase
30 Inch High Mission Bookcase
36 Inch High Mission Bookcase
48 Inch High Mission Bookcase
60 Inch High Mission Bookcase
72 Inch High Mission Bookcase
84 Inch High Mission Bookcase
92 Inch High Mission Bookcase
Bridger Mission Bookcase
Boulder Creek 80 Inch Bookcase
Artesa 80 Inch Bookcase
Ensenada 80 Inch Bookcase
Hoosier Heritage Bookcase
Modesto Bookcase
Old Classic Sleigh Bookcase
Artesa 72 Inch Bookcase
Boulder Creek 60 Inch Bookcase
Boulder Creek 72 Inch Bookcase
Bridger Mission 4 Foot Bookcase
Bridger Mission 5 Foot Bookcase
Ensenada 72 Inch Bookcase
Old Classic Sleigh 6 Foot Bookcase
Hoosier Heritage 5 Foot Bookcase
Old Classic Sleigh 5 Foot Bookcase
Modesto 6 Foot Bookcase
Hoosier Heritage 4 Foot Bookcase
Modesto 1-Piece Double Bookcase
Hoosier Heritage 1-Piece Double Bookcase
Bridger Mission Double Bookcase
Boulder Creek Double Bookcase
Artesa 72 Inch Double Bookcase
Modesto Bookcase
Artesa 66 Inch Bookcase
Ensenada 66 Inch Bookcase
Artesa Barrister Bookcase
Modesto Barrister Bookcase
Craftsman Barrister Bookcase
Colbran Barrister Bookcase
Boulder Creek Barrister Bookcase
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