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Living Room Stationary Chairs

USA Furniture has an extensive selection of American made, solid wood living room furniture. Our extensive selection of stationary living room chairs will wow you. Stop into our Portland or Tigard location today, and let one of our furniture experts show you all of the benefits of owning furniture of this quality. Whether you are looking for classical, traditional, or modern styles, we can help you find the perfect living room furniture or accessories!

Living Room Stationary Chairs

70524 Urban Shaker Chair
69300 Queen Lounge Chair
69300 King Lounge Chair
69300 Captain Mission Lounge Chair
70524 Liberty Mission Chair
70524 Burlington Chair
70524 Cranberry Chair
70524 Cranberry Chair with Ottoman
70524 Urban Shaker Chair with Ottoman
70524 Urban Chair with Ottoman
70524 Traditional Chair with Ottoman
70524 Urban Shaker Chair
70524 Mission Chair and Ottoman
70524 Arlington Chair and Ottoman
70524 Woodbury Chair and Ottoman
70524 Franchi Chair
64143 Olde Shaker Chair
64143 Country Shaker Chair
64143 Country Mission Chair
64143 Sleigh Chair with Pillows
64143 Sleigh Chair with Back Cushion
64143 Mission Chair
64143 Mission Chair Bed
64143 Mission Chair
64143 Shaker Chair
64143 Morris Shaker Chair
64143 Shaker Chair
64143 Mission Chair
64143 Kimbolton Chair
64143 Shaker Gateway Chair
64143 Madison Chair
61212 Vivaldi Barrel Accent Chair
61212 Mid Town Accent Chair
61212 Havana Exposed Wood Chair
61212 Brooke Accent Chair
61212 Britannia Accent Chair
61212 Bentley Accent Chair
61212 Arrow Accent Chair
61212 Rosita Accent Chair
61212 Quincy Chair
61212 Paloma Exposed Wood Chair
61212 Oslo Accent Chair
61212 Ogden Accent Chair
61212 Monte Carlo Chair
61212 Kingsbury Chair
61212 Kenya Chair
61212 Callista Accent Chair
61212 Braxton Accent Chair with Ottoman
61212 Ashton Chair
61212 Alamo Chair
61212 Addison Accent Chair
61212 Abilene Accent Chair
61212 Wellington Chair
61212 Turks Accent Chair
57411 Queen Lounge Chair
57411 King Lounge Chair
39580 Mission 85 Slate Chair with Ottoman
39580 Mission 85 Slate Chair
36661 Landmark Chair
36661 Leah Chair
36661 Caledonia Chair
36661 Brady Chair
36661 Mesa Chair
21806 Pioneer Chair With Footstool
21806 McCoy Morris Chair with Footstool
21806 McCoy Chair
21806 Highback Slat Chair with Footstool
21806 Highback Panel Chair
21806 Empire Chair
21806 Durango Morris Chair
21806 Durango Chair
21806 Diamond Chair
21806 Cubic Slat Chair
21806 Cubic Panel Chair
21806 Clear Spring Slat Morris Chair
21806 Clear Spring Panel Morris Chair
21806 Bow Arm Slat Morris Chair
21806 Bow Arm Slat Chair
21806 Bow Arm Panel Morris Chair
21806 Bow Arm Chair
21806 Barrington Chair
21806 Balboa Chair

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