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Leather Sofas

At USA Furniture and Leather Your Amish Connection, you will find a wide selection of leather upholstered sofas. We carry more leather furniture than you will find anywhere else. At our Portland or Tigard, Oregon showroom, one of our furniture design professionals can help you with customization and leather options.

Leather Sofa

Zen Sectional
Williamsburg Sofa
Williamsburg Sectional
Westin Sectional
West Point Sofa
West Point Sectional
Wellington Sofa
Ventura Sofa
Vallarta Dreams Sectional
Twin City Sofa
Tucson Sectional
Tribeca Loft Sofa
Tribeca Loft Sofa
Trevi Sectional
Torre Sofa
Tahoe Sectional
Max 3 Super Sectional Deluxe Or Studio
Sunset Sectional
Stetson Sofa
Skyline Sofa
Skyline Sectional
Sedona Sofa
Savannah Sectional
Sapphire Sofa
Santa Fe Sofa
Salerno Sofa
Salerno Sectional
Princeton Sofa
Prescott Sofa
Prairie Sofa
Pisa Conversation Sofa
Phoenix Sofa
Pavia Sofa
Park Tower Sofa
Park Tower Sectional
Parisian Sofa
Pantera Sofa
Oregon Sofa
Nevada Sofa
Monterrey Sofa
Monterrey Sectional
Monte Carlo Sofa
Melbourne Sectional
Max 3 Sofa Deluxe Or Studio
Marco Sofa
Marco Sectional
Manhattan Sofa
Kingsley Sectional
Kaymus Sofa
Jacob Sectional
Jacob Sofa
Houston Sectional
Hacienda Sofa
Hacienda Sectional
Glendora Sectional
Georgia Sofa
Encino Sofa
Ellis Sofa
Eastfield Sofa
Dreamsations 108 Sofa
Dreamsations 107 Sectional
Dreamsations 106 Sofa
Dreamsations 105 Sofa
Dreamsations 104 Sofa
Dominion 3 Seat Conversation Sofa
Dallas Sofa
Cheyenne Sofa
Cedar Heights Sofa
Catalina Sofa
Carlsbad Sofa
Cameo Sectional
Bonanza Sofa
Bonanza 1st Choice Sectional
Blake 3 Seat Conversation Sofa
Benjamin Sofa
Athens Sofa
Asher Sofa
Alpharetta Sofa
Aledo Conversation Sofa
Albany Sectional
Brookhaven Reclining Sofa
Stationary Solutions 208 S/M/L Sofa
Stationary Solutions 206 S/M/L Sofa
Stationary Solutions 205 S/M/L Sofa
Stationary Solutions 204 S/M/L Sofa
Stationary Solutions 202 S/M/L Sofa
Stationary Solutions 201 S/M/L Sofa
Spencer Sofa
Sherman Oaks Sofa
Sherman Oaks Reclining Sofa
Scarborough Sofa
Savannah Sofa
Santa Barbara Sectional
San Clemente Sofa
Riviera Sofa
Riverside Drive Reclining Sofa
Remington Sofa
Regent Sofa
Regatta Sofa
Quincy Sofa
Power Solutions 510 Sofa
Power Solutions 509 Reclining Sofa
Power Solutions 509 Sofa
Power Solutions 508 Sofa
Power Solutions 506 Sofa
Power Solutions 505 Sofa
Power Solutions 504 Sofa
Power Solutions 502 Sofa
Power Solutions 501 Sofa
Portland Theater Seating
Piedmont Reclining Sofa
Peninsula Sectional
Pasadena Sofa
Paramount Reclining Sofa
Novara Reclining Sofa with Theater Arm
Novara Sofa
Norway Sofa
Norstar Sofa
Newport Sectional with Ottoman
Montclair Sectional
Mercury Reclining Sofa
Max 3 Sofa Deluxe Or Studio
Marlin Reclining Sofa
Malibu Reclining Sofa
Madison Sectional
Lyndsey Sofa
Lennox Sofa
Lawrence Reclining Sofa
Larsen Sofa
Larsen Reclining Sectional
Laredo Sofa
Laredo Conversation Sofa
Kingston Sofa
Kingsbury Sofa
Kenya Sofa
Huntington Sofa
Houston Sofa
Hartford Sofa
Great Texas Sofa
Fifth Avenue Sofa
Fargo Sofa
Fairmont Reclining Sofa
Fairfield Reclining Sofa
Fairbanks Reclining Sofa
Fairbanks Sofa
Essex Sectional
Essex Sofa
Esport Sectional
El Cajon Sofa
Dunhill 3 Seat Conversation Sofa
Dunhill Sofa
Dreammaker 104 Sofa
Dreammaker 102 Sofa
Dreammaker 101 Sectional
Dover Reclining Sofa
Danilo Sectional
Dalton Sofa
Dalton Sectional
Dakota Theater Seating
Crawford Sofa
Cornell Sofa
Connor Reclining Sofa
Concord Sectional
Coleman Sofa
City Craft Sofa
Chelsea Deco Sofa
Cartwright 4 Seat Conversation Sofa
Carlton Reclining Sofa
Capistrano Reclining Sectional
Canyon 4 Seat Conversation Sofa
Campbell Sofa
Cameo Sofa
Caldwell Sofa
Brooklyn Sofa
Brookhurst Sofa
Brookfield Reclining Sofa
Breckenridge Sofa
Biloxi Sofa
Bennett Sofa
Bennett Sectional
Beaumont Sofa
Ashton Sofa
Arlington Sofa
Ashton Sectional
Wynwood Sectional
Albany Sofa
Westfield Sofa
Wesley Sectional
Versailles Sofa
Vermont Reclining Sofa
Vercelli Reclining Sofa
Vercelli Reclining Sectional
Venus Sectional
Vegas Sofa
Vancouver Sofa
Uptown Sofa
Uptown Sectional
Times Square Sofa
Times Square 4 Seat Conversation Sofa
Sydney Sectional
Tahoe Sofa
Sundance Sectional
Stationary Solutions 210 S/M/L Sofa
Stationary Solutions 209 S/M/L Sofa

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