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Solid Wood Dining Room Tables

At USA Furniture and Leather Your Amish Connection you will find a large selection of handcrafted, Amish built dining room furniture made right here in America. No matter the number of guest you are expecting, we have dining tables that will do the job! Stop into our Portland or Tigard location today, and let one of our furniture experts show you all of the benefits of owning furniture of this quality. Whether you are looking for classical, traditional, or modern styles, we can help you find the perfect dining room set or accessories!

Dining Room Tables

Glacier Leg Table
C.E. Leg Table
Ziglar Split Pedestal Table
Milan Single Pedestal Table
Milan Double Pedestal Table
Madrid Pub Table
Madrid Table
Elvira Single Pedestal Table
Elvira Double Pedestal Table
Clark Table
Brisbane Table
Brisbane Pub Table
Ventura Trestle Table
Savannah Single Pedestal Table
Santa Fe Leg Table
Richland Trestle Table
Reno Cabinet Table
Lexington Trestle Table
Lexington Leg Pub Table
Laredo Trestle Table
El Paso Trestle Table
Advance Single Pedestal Table
Woodstock Table
Wine Table
Triple Single Pedestal with Stationary Center
Trestle Mission Table
Trestle Table
Superior Mission Table
Oval Top Standard Leg Table
Standard Leg Table
Standard Leg Table
Springfield Table
Split Single Pedestal Table
Small Harvest Drop Leaf Table
Sliding Top Table
Single Pedestal Table
Royal Mission Table
Richmond Table
Regal Table
Refectory Table
Queen Anne Table
Cambria Oval Double Pedestal Table with Netherley Base
Modern Mission Table
Metro Table
Louisville Table
Lily Table
Lilac Table
Keystone Table
J-Arch Trestle Table
Hand Planed Table
Hampton Table
Frontier Table
French Table
Folding Leaf Pedestal Table
Folding Leaf Table
Farmhouse Plank Top Table
Cambria Ellington Rectangular Top Leg Table
Square Round Top Double Pedestal Table
Crosscut Top Double Pedestal Table
Oval Top Double Pedestal Table
Double Carlisle Table
Cambria Square Table with Denmark Base
Double Modern Mission Table
Carlisle Table
Cambria Round Single Pedestal Table with Wine Rack
Cambria Oval Double Pedestal Table with Horseshoe Base
Cambria Radius Leg Table
Cambria Square Leg Table
Butterfly Leaf Table
Butcher Block Table
Bunker Hill Table
Buckeye Pedestal Table
Bridgeport Table
Big Drop Leaf Table
Breadboarded Refectory Table
Austin Table
Arlington Table
Cambria Round Single Pedestal Table with Argyll Base
Cambria Rectangular Single Pedestal Table with Argyll Base
Accent Table
652 Mission Single Pedestal Table
652 Mission Double Pedestal Table
X-Base Single Pedestal Table
X-Base Double Pedestal Table
Washington Table
Vintage Single Pedestal Table
Vintage Double Pedestal Table
Utica Table
Traditional Reeded Double Pedestal Table
Traditional Reeded Single Pedestal Table
Taylor Double Pedestal with Bench
Square Tulip Single Pedestal Table
Square Tulip Double Pedestal
Shreveport Table
Shaker Table
Reeded Tulip Single Pedestal Table
Reeded Tulip Double Pedestal Table
Pro Mission Table
Mission Single Pedestal Table
Mission Double Pedestal Table
Mission Table
Master Single Pedestal Table
Master Double Pedestal Table
Manhattan Specialty Pedestal Table
Liberty Table
Kingston Single Pedestal Table
Kingston Double Pedestal Table
Jessica Single Pedestal Table
Jessica Double Pedestal Table
Jackson Double Pedestal Table
Hoover Double Pedestal Table
Hampton Double Pedestal Table
Gatlin Single Pedestal Table
Gatlin Double Pedestal Table
Gateway Double Pedestal Table
Fenton Single Pedestal Table
Fenton Double Pedestal Table
Farmers Double Pedestal Table
Falcon Double Pedestal Table
Empire Single Pedestal Table
Empire Double Pedestal Table
Economy Table
Eagle Single Pedestal Table
Curved Shaker Table
Curved Mission Double Pedestal Table
Conestoga Double Pedestal Table
Colonial Single Pedestal Table
Colonial Double Pedestal Table
Cluff Leg Table
Chair Leg Table
Carlisle Single Pedestal Table
Carlisle Double Pedestal Table
Carla Elizabeth Single Pedestal Table
Carla Elizabeth Double Pedestal Table with Bench
Carla Elizabeth Double Pedestal Table
Butler Single Pedestal Table
Bridgeport Single Pedestal Table
Bridgeport Double Pedestal Table
Beveled Shaker Single Pedestal Table
Beveled Shaker Double Pedestal Table
Acorn Single Pedestal Table
Century Buffet-Table
Flip Top Table
Vanderbilt Table
Weston Table
Charmer Table
Teton Table
Braden Table
Clifton Table
Plum Creek Table
Addieville Table
Spring Mill Table
Lillie Table
Sophia Table
Sophia Table
Jacob Martin Table
European Pedestal Table
Arlington Pedestal Table
Bunker Hill Table
Crossway Extension Table
Crossway Extension Table
X Base Table
Woodville Table
Western Mission Table
Weldon Table
Steele Table
Sierra Table
Shreveport Table
Shaker Leg Table
Shaker Leg Table
Raleigh Double Pedestal Table
Metro Table
Mason Mission Table
Lyndon Table
Logan Table
Kowan Table
Hudson Table
Glazier Table
Galveston Table
Fiona Two-Tone Table
Economy Leg Table
Curved Shaker Table
Conestoga Table
Cheyenne Table
Carlisle Table
Carla Elizabeth Table
Buckeye Table
Bayfield Table
Barlette Table
Avon Table
Savannah Table
Richmond Table
Pasadena Table
Old Mission Table
Odin Table
Lakegrove Table
LaGrange Table
Jaxson Table
Hoosier Double Table
Henning Table
Heartland Table
Hayworth Pub Table
Hayworth Dining Table
Hatfield Table
Goshen Table
Gibson Table
Farmville Table
Edmonton Dining Table
Cranbrook Table
Covington Table
Classic Table
Charleston Table
Charleston Pub Table
Celina Table
Castlebrook Table
Caspian Table
Cape Cod Table
Bungalow Table
Brigham Table
Bridgeport Double Pedestal Table
Bartlett Table
Autumn Mills Table
Autumn Mills Table
Autumn Mills Table
Aurora Table
Arabella Table
Angola Table
Xander Table
Woodland Table
Woodbridge Table
Winfield Table
Wellington Table
Wellington Table
Trilogy Table
Topeka Table
Solosco Table
Sitka Table
Fulton Trestle Table
Stanton Pub Table
Shaker Hill Table
Shaker Mission Table
Shelby Table
Reagan Table
Regal Shaker Table
Royal Mission Table
Salem Table
Single Pedestal Mission Pub Table
Craftsmen and Brooklyn Pub Tables
Peyton Table
Pinnacle Mission Table
Pinnacle Royal Table
Traditional Pub Tables
Ouray Table Live Edge
Oval Carlisle Table
Oval Easton Table
Monteray Table
Normandy Table
Ouray Table
Manitoba Table
Marbella Table
Lebanon Table
Leg Table
Leg Mission Table
London Table
Kalispel Table
Kalispel Table Live Edge
Laredo Table
Henderson Table
Heyerly Table
Hudson Table
Imperial Table
Fulton Table
Georgetown Table
Frontier Table
Frontier Table Live Edge
Fresno Table
Farmers Table
Foley Table
Francis Table
Englewood Table
Ensenada Table
Double Pedestal Tables
Double Pedestal Mission Table
Drop Leaf Tables
Elliot Table
Custer Table Live Edge
Dawson Table
Custer Table
Craftsman Mission Table
Cordoba Table
Copenhagen Table
Cameron Table
Carlisle Shaker Table
Chandler Table
Colbran Table
Camden Table
Brookline Table
Bowie Pub Table
Bowie Table
Frontier Table Live Edge
Barstow Table
Bedford Table
Bellingham Table
Bistro Tables
Aspen Table
Austin Table
Barstow Live Edge Table
Ziglar Table
Abbies Special Table
Artesa Table
Artesa Pub Table
Wilmington Trestle Table
Wasilla Table
Wasilla Table Live Edge
Westfield Table
Wilmington Table
Vintage Table
Vienna Trestle Table
Vienna Table
Vadsco Table
Tuscany Table
Trinidad Table
Trestle Mission Table
Tacoma Table
Stockholm Table
Stanton Table
Split Pedestal Table
Sonora Table
Single Pedestal Mission Table
Single Pedestal Tables
Sheridon Table
Country Oval Pedestal Table
Country Round Pedestal Table
Harvest Table
Country Square Solid Top Table
Country Round Solid Top Table
Country Square 4 Leg Drop Leaf Table
Country Round 4 Leg Drop Leaf Table
Country Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table
Country Square Pedestal Drop Leaf Table
Westin Single Pedestal Table
Asheville Table
Xavier Trestle Table
Woodmont Single Pedestal Table
Winslow Pub Table
Williamsburg Table
Wethersfield Table
Wellington Trestle Table
Vintage Leg Table
Vancouver Trestle Table
Mission Trestle Table
Traditional Single Pedestal Table
Traditional Pub Table
Traditional Leg Table
Traditional Double Pedestal Table
Traditional Double Pedestal Scallop Table
Timber Ridge Table
Stanwood Table
Sierra Table
Sheridan Trestle Table
Saratoga Trestle Table
Saratoga Single Pedestal Table
Rio Vista Trestle Table
Ridgewood Single Pedestal Table
Ridgecrest Table
Reno Trestle Table
Preston Single Pedestal Table
Preston Double Pedestal Table
Paris Trestle Table
Olde Century Mission Table
Newbury Table
Nashville Trestle Table
Naperville Trestle Table
Mission Leg Table
McKenzie Single Pedestal Table
McCoy Table
Mason Single Pedestal Table
Marbarry Table
Mansfield Table
Manchester Table
Madison Pub Table
Lynchburg Trestle Table
Lincoln Single Pedestal Table
Lifestyle Trestle Table
Liberty Trestle Table
Lexington Leg Table
Lexington Cabinet Table
Laurie’s Table
LaCrosse Table
Knoxville Trestle Table
Kingsley Single Pedestal Table
Kingsbury Mission Trestle Table
Jamestown Trestle Table
Jacoby Table
Imperial Single Pub Table
Imperial Single Pedestal Table
Imperial Double Pedestal Table
Heidi Leg Table
Heidi Cabinet Table
Harvest Table
Hartford Trestle Table
Harrison Single Pedestal Table
Harrison Double Pedestal Table