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Bedroom Furniture - Beds

USA Furniture and Leather Your Amish Connection has a great selection of solid wood bedroom furniture and beds. From classic to contemporary we have beds to fit the style of bedroom you are looking for. Our Amish craftsmen create heirloom furniture in a variety of styles, and can even customize your bed to your exact specifications. Stop in today and let our furniture design professionals show you the benefits and features of Quality Amish and American built furniture.

Bedroom Beds

Kingsport Upholstered Bed With Low Footboard
Kingsport Panel Bed With Low Footboard
American Craftsman Panel Bed With Rail Footboard
American Craftsman Prairie Spindle Bed With High Footboard
Kingsport Upholstered Bed With Low Footboard
Adrienne Upholstered Bed With High Footboard
Longmeadow Canonball Bed With High Footboard
Adrienne Sleigh Bed With High Footboard
American Craftsman Spindle Bed With High Footboard
Longmeadow Panel Bed With End Drawers
Tribeca Panel Bed
Atwood Panel Bed With Low Footboard
Avignon Sleigh Bed With High Footboard
Laval Upholstered Bed With Low Footboard
Laval Sleigh Bed With Rail Footboard
Montclair Panel Bed With Drawers On End
Bartlett's Island Arched Panel Bed With High Footboard
Lindsey Sleigh Bed With High Footboard
Southampton Panel Bed With High Footboard
Southampton Upholstered Bed With High Footboard
Atwood Spindle Bed With Low Footboard
Brigantine Sleigh Bed With Low Footboard
Lindsey Gridwork Bed With Low Footboard
Montclair Panel Bed With High Footboard
Laval Poster Bed With Low Footboard
Tribeca Arch Panel Bed
Atwood Contemporary Panel Bed With Low Footboard
Bartlett's Island Panel Bed With High Footboard
Vineyard Haven Panel Bed With End Drawers
Tribeca Upholstered Bed
Wraparound Bed
Hilltop Spindle Bed
Catalina Queen Bed
Baystorm Queen Bed
Avondale Queen Bed
Willowton Queen Bed
Trundle Storage
Tribeca Queen Bed
Quincy Queen Bed
Parker Queen Storage Bed
Parker Queen Bed
Oberlin Queen Bed
Tuscany Queen Bed
Time Square Bed Low Footboard
Time Square Bed
Sedona Bed
Royalty Bed
Perrysville Bed
Norwalk Sleigh Bed
Norwalk Panel Bed Option
Madison Mission Slat Bed
Madison Bed
Hudson Park Bed
Fairview Bed
Edinburgh Bed
Century Mission Panel Bed
Maxwell Queen Bed With Low Footboard
Maxwell Queen Bed
Garrison Bookcase Bed
Lexington Bookcase Headboard
Bookcase Bed
Mission Platform Bed - Headboard Only
Mission Platform Bed
Platform Bed
Dog/Cat Platform Bed - with Headboard
Dog/Cat Platform Bed
Platform Bed with Headboard
Platform Bed with Headboard & Footboard
Platform Bed
Timbra Bed
Timbra Bed - Fabric Headboard
Timbra Bed
Vandella Bed
Vandella Bed
Grandon Bed
Iron Wood Bed
Empire Bed - Fabric Headboard
Flush Mission Bed - Fabric Headboard
Flush Mission Bed
Finland Bed - Fabric Headboard
DuMont Bed - Fabric Headboard
DuMont Bed
Boulder Creek Bed - Fabric Headboard
Boulder Creek Bed
Hamilton Bed
Imperial Bed - with Canopy & Fabric
Imperial Bed - with Canopy
Trimble Bed - Fabric Headboard
Chippewa Sleigh Bed - Fabric Headboard
Tennyson Bed
Riviera Bed
Storage Bed
Storage Bed Rails with Bed
Ravena Bed
Lexington Bed
Cambridge Bed
Austin Queen Bed
Millers Roselyn Bed
Traditional Bed
Tannessah Bed
Shaker Panel Bed
Mission Slat Bed
Mission Panel Bed
Manhattan Slat Bed
Manhattan Panel Bed
Hampton Bed
Carlisle Slat Bed
Carlisle Panel Bed
Simplicity Bed - Low Profile Footboard
Simplicity Bed
Millenium Cottage Bed
Cuvshire Bed
Country Villa Bed
Arch Spindle Bed
Mission Bed
Panel Bed
Sunrise Bed
Vintage Mission Bed
Linmore Bed
Canopy Deluxe Bed
Rope Twist Sleigh Bed
Bevel Panel Sleigh Bed
Single Panel Sleigh Bed
Deluxe Poster Bed
Bow Mission Bed
Panel Poster Bed
Open Sleigh Bed
Turned Poster Bed
Cambrai Bed with Low Footboard
Roll Poster Bed
Cambrai Bed with Arched Footboard
Cambrai Bed
Iron Wood Bed
Antique Mission Bed
Urban Cottage Bed
Breckenridge Storage Bed with Leather
Breckenridge Storage Bed with Wrought Iron & Leather
Breckenridge Bed with Wrought Iron Headboard
Breckenridge Bed
Rosedale Storage Bed
Rosedale Bed with Storage Footboard
Regency 2.0 Bed With Linen Upholstery
Regency 2.0 Storage Bed
Timber Mill Bed with Storage Footboard
Timber Mill Storage Bed
Vintage Mission Bed with Storage Footboard
Vintage Mission Storage Bed
Olde Cottage Bed with Storage Footboard
Canyon Creek Bed
Shaker Bed with Storage Footboard
Brookstone Bed
Bloomfield Bed
Bayleigh Bed with Canopy
Ellington Panel Bed
Brookfield Bed
Classic Wrought Iron Sleigh Bed
Wrap Around Bed
Reno Bed
Master Low Footboard
Classic Footboard
Spindle Footboard
Michael's Cherry Footboard
Shaker Footboard
Sleigh Footboard
American Footboard
Bow Panel with Turned Post Bed
Bow Panel Bed
Bow Spindle Bed
Non-Wrap Bed
Squanto Bed
Houston Bed
Houston Bed
Sequoyah Bed
Lexington Bed
Empire Bed
Heidi Bed
Carlisle Bed
Kascade Bed
Finland Bed
4-Panel Bed
Shaker Bed
Stick Mission Bed
Stick Mission Bed
Matison Bed
American Mission Bed
American Panel Bed
Trestle Bed
Trestle Panel Bed
Boulder Creek Mission Bed
Boulder Creek Bed
Boulder Creek Bed
Imperial Bed
Heirloom Wrap Bed
Wrap Around Bed
Grandma's Bed
Artesa Bed
Trimble Bed
Brentwood Bed
Cannon Ball Bed
Kimbra Bed
Chippewa Sleigh Bed
Old Classic Sleigh Bed
Old Classic Sleigh Mission Bed
Old Classic Sleigh Bookcase Bed
Old Classic Sleigh Bed
Classic Raised Panel Sleigh Bed
Empire Bookcase Bed with Storage Footboard
Empire Bookcase Headboard
Bookcase Bed
Bookcase Bed
Captain Bed
Deluxe Platform Bed
Platform Bed
Deluxe Platform Bed with Small Trail Wall Unit
Deluxe Platform Bed with Trail Wall Unit
Sleigh Day Bed
Spindle Day Bed
Panel Day Bed
Mission Day Bed
Trundle with Casters
Woodrow Bed
Victor Bed
Verona Bed
Sydney Bed
Sedona Bed
Savannah Bed
Portland Bed
Old Mission Bookcase Bed
Mayberry Bed
Hyde Park Bed
Hayworth Bed
Havenridge Bed
Hanover Slat Bed
Hanover Panel Bed
Delridge Bed
Chandler Storage Bed
Chandler Bed
Cedar Lakes Bed
Castlebrook Slat Bed
Castlebrook Panel Bed
Audrey Bed
Adrian Bed
Summit Shaker Bed
River View Sleigh Bed
Manchester Bed
Lindholt Oak Bed
Lindholt Bed
Kingston Plank Bed
Kingston Bed
New Mission Bed
Ladder Bed
Horizon Shaker Bed
Arch Bed
Empire Bed
Cornwell Sleigh Bed
Carolina Valley Bed
Carolina Crown Bed
Arlington Bed
Antique Mission Bed
Empire Bed
Manchester Bed
Manchester Bed
Elkins Mission Bed
Woodbury Bed
Woodbury Bed
Rake Bed
Cornwell Bed
Cornwell Storage Bed
Cornwell Bed
Springdale Bed
Prairie Bed
Napoleon Bed
Manchester Leather Panel Bed
Manchester Bed
Lafayette Bed
Jacqueline Bed
Imperial Bed
Edwardsville Bed
Darlington Bed
Royal Santa Fe Bed
Queen Esther Bed
Orlando Slat Bed
Linda's LaGrand Bed
East Metro Spindle Bed
East Metro Slat Bed
Millington Bed
West Village Panel Bed
West Village Slat Bed
New Haven Panel Bed
Sawyer Wood Panel Bed
Sawyer Wood Slat Bed
Santa Fe Slat Bed
Santa Fe Panel Bed
Royal Mission Slat Bed
Royal Mission Panel Storage Bed
Royal Mission Panel Bed
Brinkhaven Platform Bed
Pencil Post Bed
Salem Raised Panel Bed
Ozark Slat Bed
Ozark Panel Bed
New Salem Reversed Arch Panel Bed
New Haven Slat Bed
New Haven Leather Panel Bed
Mission 59 Panel Bed
McCallister Charleston Panel Bed
McCallister Bed
Hamilton Slat Bed
Hamilton Panel Bed
Feather Bed
New Salem Deluxe Panel Bed
Centry Mission Day Bed
Cannonball Bed
Bradford Dowel Bed
Bradford Panel Bed
Bradford Dowel Storage Bed
Elliot Ridge Slat Bed
Elliot Ridge Panel Bed
Stone Creek Bed
Riverside Storage Bed
Riverside Panel Bed with Low Footboard
Zenith Storage Bed
Zenith Bed
Urbanna Platform Bed
Tempo Platform Bed
Stone Creek Platform Lift Storage Bed
Classic Shaker Pencil Post Bed with Padded Headboard
Madison Platform Lift Storage Bed
Kenton Bed
Hudson Bed
Heritage Mission Slat Bed
Heritage Mission Panel Bed
Harmony Bed
Legacy Cathedral Raised Panel Bed
Arch Mission Slat Bed with Low Footboard
Arch Mission Slat Bed
Willow Bed
Flint Ridge Bed
Deluxe Viceroy Bed
Legacy Deluxe Raised Panel Bed
Legacy Raised Panel Bed
Legacy Deluxe Canopy Bed
Legacy Poster Bed
Classic Shaker Raised Panel Bed
Classic Shaker Pencil Post Bed
Kenton Storage Bed
Madison Platform Bed
Cambridge Platform Bed
Sunrise Sleigh Bed
Sierra Mission Bed
Rvilla Bed
Phoenix Bed
Ouray Bed
Monta Vista Bed
Houston Mission Bed
Conrad Creek Bed
Cascade Bed
Cascade Bed
Broadway Bed
Berkshire Bed
Bay Pointe Bed
Scarbrough Bookcase Bed
Scarbrough Bookcase Bed with Doors
NP Mission Storage Bed with Bookcase Headboard
NP Mission Bed
NP Mission All-In-One Storage Bed
Lawerance Bed
Kentucky Shaker Bed
Economy Bed
Cunningham Bed
Country Double Bow Bed
Country Cannon Ball Bed
Berkeley Bed
Southern Deluxe Bed
Hartwick Bed
Toe Kick Underbed Drawer Unit
Pioneer Mission Bed
Galveston Bed
Galveston Bed - Low Footboard
2 Tone Galveston Bed - Low Footboard
Francois Storage Bed
Francois Panel Bed - Low Footboard
Francois Panel Bed
Lexington Panel Bed - Low Footboard
New Harmony Bed
Wilmington Bed
Wilkshire Sleigh Bed
Wilkshire Beveled Panel Bed
Washington Master Bed
Walton Hills Sleigh Bed
Walton Hills Panel Bed
Wrap-Around Bed
Vintage Shaker Bed
TRP Sleigh Bed
Ridge Mission Bed
Sunrise Bed With Storage Rails
Slat Sleigh Bed
Farm Size Mission Bed
Shaker Panel Bed