Frog Spas – Massage Chairs

Frog Spas and Massage Chairs  are Located inside of “Oak Furniture Warehouse”  We share the same address and phone number: 10750 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, Oregon 97220   503-257-8880

frog spas hot tubs portland oregon artesianWe have been in business as Frog Spas since 2004 and Oak Furniture Warehouse since 1995.  We have brought Massage Chairs to our store. The owners own both companies and we work close together to provide the best possible home comfort possible, massage chairs are newly added to our product line.  We no longer offer spas for sale, however we do carry spa chemicals for your spa needs.

We have moved a different direction with comfort.  Now, do to customer demand, we now offer a wide selection of Massage Chairs.  We carry the only American Made Massage Chair in the industry as well as 6 highly rated massage chairs that you cannot see anywhere else in Oregon or Washington.  Please Click here for more details, in our Living Furniture Section.  More information is coming.

American Made Massage Chairs

Quality Massage chairs imported