Specialized Furniture made & designed by Amish Craftsmen.  We support American & Amish made furniture builders!

Carrying Amish and American made furniture sets us apart from our competition.  When they build furniture, it is just for you.  They do not make 15,000 table in a choice of 1 finish and sell it to you.  Each item is built specifically for our customers.  The way you want it made. As you browse our furniture you may find a bookcase or a desk that would work if it was 5 inches shorter or taller. It is as simple as writing down the dimensions and getting a quote. We have multiple factories with many options to choose including wood, design, hardware and finishes. “Designed to fit” is a specialty of ours.  You do not have to “settle” for something you hope will work, you get it just the dimension and size you want.  We will help make what ever piece you imagined come to life and become a reality in your home! We have help all of our customers with their search and creation of the perfect built item to fit the very spot they want. From the office to the bedroom, into the entertainment and dining rooms, we can help make things happen. Just plain living area accented with the right coffee and end tables at the right height. Remember, no commissioned staff and delivery is available.