Is Mission the Style of furniture for you?

Even though Mission, Craftsman, and Arts and Crafts style are commonly used to refer to the same “Style” in regard to homes, furniture and decor.  Arts and Crafts style is an all encompassing term for the architecture, design and many of the arts connected to the Arts and Crafts era. It can be noted in Furniture craftsmanship and craft pieces that were common in many homes of the early 20th century.

The objects that express the Arts and Crafts style include furniture and built-in woodwork, entryways, doors design. Out side and inside of most homes in that era. In middle class homes built in the United States during this period of time between 1900 and 1930.  This style of furniture is made in different woods, but mostly of White Oak, which is harder than Northern Red Oak.  At Oak Furniture Warehouse we can make this style of furniture in a multitude of woods including, Quarter-Sawn Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Brown Maple, Hard-Rock Maple, Elm, Alder and more.

Mission or Craftsman Style as a defining style comes originally from the trade name that Gustav Stickley.  He created his own line of Arts and Crafts furniture. It also includes the style of living and lifestyle values of the Mission Furniture that Stickley promoted. There was a monthly magazine called The Craftsman that Promoted Stickley as well.