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Our Contact information is below with our address.

Make sure you bring measurements of the areas you are wanting to fit furniture in.  In addition bring samples of the wood finish (drawer, door, fabric or piece of flooring) you are wanting to match up and compliment.  You may also e-mail or send us a picture.  We can be contacted at the following e-mails:

Portland location above.      Tigard location below

Oak Fiurniture Warehouse Portland

The delivery service is a separate company with different owners and has there own pricing structure.  In addition we do not quote prices on the phone or over the internet.  Due in part to stain colors variations from the monitor to the real stain finish.  Your style of furniture can be better found and represented as you come into our store.  Touching and  seeing the furniture in person has much more success rate in our customer satisfaction reviews.  This is unlike any store you have visited.  See you soon.