American vs Import

The links below are just a few of the factories we offer that are built here in the USA.  We have a number of them that do not have web sites, but we have catalogs here at the store.  You will not be disappointed with our selection and value when it comes to our American Selection. We offer the hard to find “Lighter” wood options that the DARK imported furniture has simply ignored for years.  Our store offers choices, choices, CHOICES!  That is the major thing you get with USA made product.  In addition to the finest build furniture available, you can have it in the wood, the size and the finish you want!  Samples below.
Made in USA American Made Furniture PortlandOmnia Leather
Made in USA American Made Furniture PortlandTrend Manor
Amish Pennwood Amish Made #F-1
Amish Meadow Rock Amish Made #C-2
Forest Designs Amish Made #U-3
Howard Miller Amish Hillside Chairs
Oak Designs Amish Valley Office
Oak Craft Oak Creek Mfg.
Mystique Furniture Oregon Mattress
Island Wood Works Darafeev Furniture
Amish Creative Wood Amish Made #P-4
Imported Furniture PortlandSunny Designs Imported Furniture PortlandA-America
GS Furniture Intercon Furniture
Sure Furniture Designs Night and Day Furniture